My name is Lester Alberto Leon, but the Alberto tends to be silent.

Born and raised by two immigrant parents in Los Angeles (Lakewood to be exact), I now love to explore the city, try amazing food, and take photos along the way.

Photography immediately became a major part of my life on Christmas in 2013. This was the day my family bought an entry-level camera, and it was the day that my family lost a camera…to me. From that day on, I became obsessed with that camera, the Rebel T3i. I did all that I could to absorb everything there was to know about it, from buying books on photography basics to watching Youtube tutorials to actually putting my research into practice. Once I felt I understood the machine, I began to explore photography as an art.

I would buy magazines, clip images that sparked inspiration in me, and try to apply my own twist on projects so that I could be like the greats. Along the way I picked up a fascination with fine art, fashion, and fashion photography.

I share this anecdote about my love for photography because my interest in arts and culture stemmed from my beginnings in photography. As I grew older and went off to college, I found myself with a passion for Marketing similar to that of photography.

Marketing to me is the crossroads at which art, culture, and business come to meet. I find my ability of expression show within Marketing, and it continually excites me with challenges and needs to draw upon inspiration from art.

Thanks for reading! I encourage you to explore my site more, reach out to me about anything you may want to know, and if you’re feeling really bold, feel free to send job offers.