>The Gallery<

The Gallery

Taco Bell tasked my M-School class with rethinking their current CSR focus, The Live Más Scholarship. They had high marks for most key customer satisfaction ratings, but were falling short in the consumer perception of the brand as being ‘for the community’. With that, we were to create a new strategy that took being a brand that felt more local into consideration. With this in mind, my group and I ultimately created ‘The Gallery’.

The Challenge: 

Most groups went into this challenge with the idea that we would scrap their current CSR efforts for something completely new, but with some research gathered, we found that many students (the target market) rather liked the scholarship.


Given that we had a core idea with some flaws, we decided to rework the idea from simply a scholarship for the arts into a full fledged program. We wanted to not only benefit the immediate artists in our program, but provide the community with free learning in an engaging way.


With the approach in mind, ‘The Gallery’ seeks to first provide 12 contestants with an opportunity to meet mentors in the given field of art and compete to win a spot in ‘The Gallery’, a showcase of their work. This competition would be broken into a mini series where each mentor-mentee learning interaction is filmed so the community can learn tricks from elite artists. This concept of show and community art support would work hand-in-hand, and could eventually be rolled out globally.


Our group was ultimately invited to present this idea (along with one other final group selected from six others) at the Taco Bell HQ in OC. They loved the ideas and appreciated the work that went into presenting and having our idea as close to realized as possible.

Below are a few slides pulled from the original deck created. I created much of the graphic elements, including mock-ups, slide art, and additional videos.

Sizzle Reel

Sizzle Reel 2